Welcome to the Frisky Fairy

A magical tavern in Waterdeep where you can find dangerous jobs, good friends, and loving companies. You, as an adventurer, are hired by a mercenary branch of the tavern to take on monsters, questionable jobs, and wanted criminals.

This server offers many things, such as:

  • We allow both Avrae and roll20
  • Working system that could let you gain exp without fighting
  • An expanding open world
  • Events, festivals with rewards
  • A system that assists player gain their desire items for their build
  • Safe PvP training system that gives XP as bonus
  • An RP-only feature for those who only want to roleplay without spending time levelling their character
  • Opportunity for constructing buildings, establishing guild and faction (Underdevelopment for more in game benefits)
  • ERP is available but it is also optional. You can simply play while avoiding the adult stuff

Like most west march, you can create a character and play whenever you and the DM are available. You don't have to be active on the server. Please note that this is an 18+ community exclusively, so join at your discretion.

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