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Most students coming into their first year at Aoyama University have high expectations. Most will cultivate invaluable friendships, study hard, and party even harder! Although, there is one major thing that students seek during their years at university: love. Because the school is inhabited only by women, including staff, many sapphic relationships blossom on campus! While characters develop bonds, an anonymous blogger with a vendetta uses their online platform to release humiliating secrets about students and faculty. These leaks prove devastating to the victim's livelihood and social status, usually undermining their ability to show their face to peers on campus afterward.

What happens if your character's secret gets exposed? Join and find out!

Aoyama University is a slice-of-life roleplaying community about relationships between women and the secrets they hide deep within.

Join us, we have:

☆ Level 3 Boosts! Woot woot! ☆ A fun, engaging plot directly influenced by each writer's characters! ☆ NSFW channels for chatting and imagery ☆ Popular Bots like Yui, Uno, Tupper, Mudae, Hydra ☆ A mature, tight-knit community with chill members and staff! ☆ A heavy emphasis on having light-hearted fun while writing engaging stories! ☆ Writers of various skill levels, ranging from beginner, intermediate, and advanced literate. ☆ Heavy emphasis on humor and having fun! ☆ In-character social media & texting zones

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