In a university full of hormonal young women, salacious drama is bound to happen. She's popular, she's not, she's cool, she's not, and did you hear that first-year girl slept with the biology professor? The school's rumor mill is a fast-generating production line, and students AND faculty alike aren't afraid to take vicious digs at one another; so keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, prospective scholar.

Welcome to Aoyama University, a slice-of-life wlw/yuri roleplay centered in a university setting.

Unique Features Include:

➜ Spicy NSFW Sections, including ERP channels ➜ An engaging plot that affects each character ➜ Popular bots like Tupperbox, Yui, Mudae, Owo ➜ A haven for people who want to RP and discuss yuri content ➜ Popular Bots like Yui, Uno, Tupper, Mudae, etc ➜ In-character social media & texting zones ➜ Open to writers of all literacy levels!

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