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Near the vast regions of emptiness, there is a possible universe. Within this universe stands a planet, purple in color and circular in shape. It is empty as it is blanked, yet any deity could make it even more wonderful depending on His/Her intentions of doing so. For an unending time of its existence, this world stayed still and remained unknown. . . Although sooner or later this planet would start telling its own story. . .And this is how the story began.

There were two polar opposites. A black spectacle, and the other, the white one. They floated around space, met each other, and fused. With this fusion, a boom of light and darkness all around its glory was created. It then formed into a single Creation-- a mysterious form of a Deity, quite human in shape and appearance. She started laughing, like a little child finally getting out of its chains, screaming “Finally, finally, I am free. . .” She wandered around, suddenly thought that all she sees were emptiness of the Light and the Dark. With her frustration she complained, “This world has nothing in it. All I see is vast emptiness. Some land here! Some land there, but that is all it is.” She then decided “I should make myself a home. (She smiles) I should make myself a castle.” She laughed so hard again and again, and suddenly shades of light and darkness came from her. The Light and The Dark came roaming into a single region of the planet making it into a castle. She called it “Mystique Dreams Castle”. The Deity, then lived in the castle for thousands of years, but she became really sad overtime. “I no longer want to be alone. I should summon them here--my friends from The Light and The Dark.” The Deity touched her scepter, smiled, closed her eyes, and raised the scepter all high up above. A blast of Lightning came over all around space, which brought all the mystical creatures from the Light and the Dark into the castle. . . Now, finally, the Deity is no longer alone.

Overtime the scope of Mystique Dreams Castle has grown wider and wider. The castle has expanded its territory to neighbouring lands. The Light and the Dark Kingdoms later on had gotten their own territories, including the vampires, fairies, elves, dwarves, and mermaids. Most creatures of MDC then realized that a name must be decided for the whole empire. They had collaborated wanting to call it MYSTIKA.

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