Welcome to Banger Memes. This is a lightly moderated server that is chaotic and wild. Everyone wants to laugh without being oppressed by the mods. If you are easily offended then this may not be the best server for you. Here are the rules.

  1. This is a 13+ server that follows ToS. If you are under 13 then leave.
  2. No NSFW. No porn, lewds, hentai, etc.
  3. No NSFL (Not Safe For Life). No intense gore, abuse, poo, etc. (Insta and permaban)
  4. No weird links, people will click them. No unapproved discord server invites. (Insta and permaban)
  5. No massive spamming.
  6. No overt harassment or bullying.
  7. No CP (you know what it is). (Insta and permaban)

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