Why I created this server, next paragraphs about what the server is like. This is the emotional sad boy shit My whole life I have felt like an outcast. Socially, I never fit in. I'm an athlete, which is supposed to be the social "king", right? I'm being recruited to play D1 volleyball. I was told by coaches and players my whole life I was a crazy athlete. I never played for social reasons, I only ever looked forward to practice my game, missing out on the social parts. I've played sports my entire life, and I had the same teammates from 2nd grade up until freshman year of high school. I never felt like I was friends with them, even though I wanted to be. I had limited friends, and I bounced from group to group. Again, I never felt right anywhere and never really got to hang out with people. This one kid, who I would still die for, is no longer my friend because I chose a girl over him freshman year of high school. I met him when I was two. I love him like a fucking brother. I never knew the reason for my social pain, and when I found out, I was too scared to talk about it. I had crippling anxiety my whole life. I got diagnosed as a sophomore in high school. I felt ripped off, like I had been cheated. I went through multiple depressed phases for months at a time and thought about suicide constantly my whole life. I hate my life. Truly. I am alone. And I wouldn't wish my existence on one single fucking person. I didn't have financial issues or struggle through racism, but I did struggle through the worst curse you can have, and I did it for years.

Lucifer comes from anti-religions/groups who don't accept people. Gay, straight, flamboyantly asexual, and culturally strange people are all welcome here. I want people to make friends that they want to move in with in 5 years.

We have meme bots, anime bots, hentai bots, bots that search the internet, bots that show random pictures from reddit. Channels for your social pages, looking for games, anime talk, and more. Voice channels for casual talk, music, and gaming. There is a dedicated channel for suggestions for updates to the server. We have lots of reaction roles, and you gain xp 3x as fast as usual until we grow.

I have my DM's open and will look into any problem you have with mods or members. The rules are not strict and are just don't spam and don't say things with the intent of hate(summed up). Edgy humor is accepted, but HATE is not.WE HAVE HENTAI BOTS THAT HAVE HENTAI FOR ANYTHING.

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