• Laid back growing community for open-minded and insightful people to talk shit and get solid advice

  • The humor here ranges from dark/dry to wholesome/motivating, discussions can be meaningful or meaningless, everyone is chill

  • Looking for active members whether you're a student/dropout, drug/non-drug user, memer, gamer; there is a place for everyone here. Active members get assigned a special role

  • Endless roles and channels to explore and discuss your hobbies. Leveling system that rewards active members.

  • Mods aren't strict, we treat everyone equally as this server is just for meeting cool people and having fun, nothing so official

  • Members' wants and needs are never ignored

  • Lots of opportunities for prizes and giveaways

We want the right people not a lot of people, so feel free to leave with no hard feelings if you don't like what you see. Hope to see you there!

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