Welcome to The Paw Kingdom

We are a small, however growing furry community open to anyone. Made to provide a safe and welcome environment for people to have fun and chat in.

With a variety of sona roles as well as other selfroles, you can choose just the roles that describe you. The Paw Kingdom accepts and welcomes anyone, and is not just limited to furries! To ensure the safety and peace of our community we have experienced staff to deal with any possible situation. The Paw Kingdom is not just a community server, but also a support server for the ProtoPaw bot.

What The Paw Kingdom offers

  • Fun and welcoming community
  • Full LGBTQ+ acceptance!
  • Channels such as art channels, hobbies etc.
  • Channel games
  • Roleplay channels
  • Many bots, including our very own!
  • Currency system
  • Events
  • Giveaways
  • Active and helping staff team
  • Venting channels
  • Chance to become a contributor of TPK
  • Much more!

Come join us now! And remember:

The Paw Kingdom shines through

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