【Xatisfaction】 Welcome to our new server. Here's what we have to offer »Trustworthy, helpful, and amazing staff members »Fun bots such as Dio, Tatsu, and Mudae (and many more) »Nitro Giveaways and many more different giveaways you'll sure to love »Judgement free zone, be who you are without any shame »A lot of emojis for you to enjoy (and nitro users) »A nice organized server with easy to access channels so you won't get lost ]|I{•------» ? - ? »------•{I|] Our leveling system Level 0-Member »The role you recieve when you join the server, start chatting to level up! Level 5-Big member »You're able to now apply to the server to be a staff member Level 10- Active member »You're able to now post images in the general chat, please abide by the rules though!! Level 20-Loyalty »You now have a currency boost (for the server shop) and it's now permanent!!! Level 50-tOo AcTiVE »You get to be apart of a private giveaway channel which includes nitro, server currency, and many more! ]|I{•------» ? - ? »------•{I|] We hope to see you in our server, making friends and having fun!

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