Bagel’s Discord Meme Server is a server for anyone to join. Mainly just a meme server in general. We have many fun activities and streams for anyone to chill and relax, I guess. the server owner is a goose for some reason. We have active staff, and we are looking for anyone to join. Anyone can come and chill with us.


  • More than 100 members in the server

  • 50+ Text Channels of randomness, bot commands, memes, minigames, out of context stuff.

  • Very out of context, custom emojis!

  • out of context images, memes, gifs.

  • Bots like Dank Memer, Idle Miner, Pokemeow, Discord Akinator, UnbelievaBoat, Rhythm, etc

  • Random Giveaways

  • Server suggestions on making the server better.

  • Free verification and reaction roles, to prove your not a bot I guess.

  • M E M E S. 100% PURIFIED.

  • We have Roblox, Animal Crossing, etc.

Join for some memes, I guess. ;-;

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