We are community bring Twitch, ThetaTV, Dlive, Youtube and many more into our platform.

our dream is to be best community with best support to help get you best experance on stuff for example Coding, Get you Affilate and many more.

ChisdealHDYT is on 1.1k Followers and community is slowly Rapidly Gorwing on Twitch.

Community streams on Twitch we do Gaming and 24/7 Crypto Tracker.

we do Earn a bit income from ETH mining, but cost our Electric bills is bit high.

but we love see you on this community get down and help other streamers with raids, hosts and many more.

when we get twitch Team for Community (When ChisdealHDYT does hit twitch partner) him going invite all people get lot support to community.

stay tuned if want keep up to date on things and projects we build too.

this server is all in 1 project / discord server and we love see you show good interesting.

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