MBTI : Idealists is a server about MBTI discussion. It focuses on all MBTI types, so everyone is welcome. The only reason it's called idealists is because the founders are all from the Idealist branch (also known as Diplomats).

We strive to provide an enjoyable community for MBTI discussion. Most MBTI servers fail to deliver a comfortable atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. They are either too lenient on their rules, or they are too strictly holding on them instead. We have made a perfect balance between these two, right in the middle - not too harsh, nor too lenient.

You are free to be yourself on the server as long as you adhere to Discord's TOS, alongside our small rules list, which is just a reminder of the common moral codex. We have a forgiving penalty system that works in the favour of server members, while it's still reasonably strict to hold back trolls off the server.

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