This is a server to just geek out about the Fallout games! It's a safe server! We do not tolerate hate of any sort! Come and join us and hang out! Join our little community and have fun! ▪︎Active Admins ▪︎A variety of channels ▪︎Friendly staff and members ▪︎We listen to all your questions and concerns! ▪︎Verification system ▪︎LGBTQ+ friendly!

Users will be banned and not allowed into the server if they possess profile pictures or user handles which are hurtful or offensive. (EX: Nazi imagery, racist or homophobic user handles, etc.) Every user is vetted by our modding team, and will take action accordingly. This is a server intended to be welcoming to fans of Fallout. We do not tolerate language or behavior that is hurtful or offensive to minorities and marginalized people. Any instance of this will result in an instant ban, depending on how bad the offensive is.

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