Eternal Wars RP

We are an Ark Primitive Plus role play server

Map: Valguero 50 slot unofficial Xbox/Windows

We are a Primitive Plus PvP based roleplay server dedicated to the player's experience. We have a variety of classes, rankings, 2 factions and in game encounters/activities that players can engage in. This includes open world bosses, bounties, strongholds and faction wars; a variety of PvP and PvE based encounters.

  • 10+ classes!
  • We have 11 named regions with lore behind them
  • An admin store
  • Strongholds for players to siege and get loot from
  • Open world encounters (bosses and bounties)
  • Faction wars!
  • Weekly Events hosted by admins (player hosted ones too)

Rates: Harvesting x4 Taming x4 Xp x2.5 Baby Mature x9

Player Stats: Health x3 Stamina x4 Oxygen x3 Weight x5 Melee x2 Fortitude x4


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