Here at Anime Revolution, you will be given the opportunity to share your views and opinions about multiple different anime, manga, amvs, as well as your favorite video games. So come and be a part of our discussions. It’s totally worth it.

For the time being, we want to hit 2000 members in our server, so that we can really start to have even more enjoyment in the server. With more members, more events can take place with more participation, and greater competition. In addition, partnerships are quite key for us at the moment, as this would help us to grow our server, but more importantly, we can help benefit other servers so that they may also build up their server in numbers as well.

Right, down to business. This is what our server has to offer. We have friendly admins and mods, who are always willing to help when needed. We have friendly community members who love to discuss what they enjoy, as well as here from other members what they enjoy. It’s the best way to find out about each other’s preferences. This will help everyone to relate and have a firm relationship with one another. In addition, we have a Lawliet bot which is connected real-time, and will give you all the news you need to know about new updating manga, and new updating anime episodes. We also have game bots which you can enjoy with the rest of the members. Furthermore, we have a music bot, so whenever you’re in the mood to chill and just focus on sound, we’ve got you covered. That’s just the beginning of what we offer, as we also have a target to have fun events take place in the server, which everyone will be able to participate in, and we’re looking to award winners with custom roles for a limited amount of time. This is just the surface of our plan.

So come join us to stay updated. You wouldn’t wanna miss it!

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