This is a forewarning this is a nsfw server as in not safe of for world NOT JUST PORN you will probably see some offensive stuff so before you get butthurt and report us for hurting your feelings we warned you. WE DO NOT GIVE A D#AMN ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS this has been enough of an issue to the point of making a rule that we will ban you if you try to bug us about someone pissing you off


-1. I dont give a f*ck

  1. No spaming

  2. keep sh!t is its designated channel

-4. if you dont like the server then leave

  1. what happens on this server stays in this server

-6. special snowflakes get booted

  1. furrys get the ban hammer

-8. Gore is NOT allowed anymore

-9. No child porn: will result in isntant ban

-10. have a problem with the rules or server? refer to rules -#1 -#4 and -#6

  1. No evading

-12. No posting any kind of virus/malware/trojans or anything similar.

  1. No evading bans/mutes (This includes leaving and re-joining to reset roles or making alternate accounts).

-13. Listen to the mods, even if what they're saying isn't explicitly stated in the rules. This is bannable unless its admin abuse in which case message a owner.

have a problem with the rules or server? refer to rules -#1 -#4 and -#6

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