If you have seen the other servers people have made, I made it in their likeness. The audience will be able to see pretty much everyone's chats, but only be able to speak in the audience chat. The contestants will not be able to see this, and they will be limited to what they can see. (You can't see in the hangout unless you are an influencer, you can't see group messages or PM's that you aren't apart of, etc). I will stray from the show in that contestants can post in the live feed 24/7, since this isn't actually being filmed I don't see an issue with that personally. If you are interested in being a contestant or an audience member, please DM me. I will only allow a few catfish (for the sake of not everyone being a catfish) so please lmk if you would like to be one and if you are willing to not be one if there isn't any more catfish roles left. Please also let me know of any questions you have - thanks!

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