🖋the author’s scribe📖


Are you a writer who’s trying to grow in the writing community? Do you love writing and need tips to improve/prompts to get help you get started? Then, The Author’s Scribe Discord server is just for you! Come join us!

The Author's Scribe Server, or TAS for short, is a new server for all writers alike! We welcome novelists, screenwriters, poets, and even fanfiction writers! If you want to hang out with writers just like you, then this is the place to do it!

Here's what we offer:

â” Free writing prompts and advice/tips!

â” A channel to promote your writing!

â” Fun weekly writing events! (eg writing sprints, flash fiction contests, kahoot games, and more!)

â” Individual chats for each continent!

â” A way to engage with the writing community!

â” Open staff positions!

Racism, homophobia and sexism is NOT allowed on this server by any means.

Good news! We’re looking for new staff members. Since we are a brand new server, all staff positions are still open.


  • You MUST be at least 13 years old.
  • Everyone applying should have at least a little bit of experience in writing (unless you’re applying for bot manager, promotions manager or artist).
  • Must behave sensibly at all times.
  • Must be active on the server.

The positions you can apply for are, as listed below:

â” Moderator â” Bot Manager â” Promotions Manager â” Writing Advisor â” Artist

These jobs are currently UNPAID, but, if in the future, I get paid, you get paid.

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