‘˗ˏˋ__everything bagel__ˎˊ˗’

‘We are looking forward having you in our server and We hope you enjoy your stay!!’

What We Offer

?+:。.。 Family Friendly Community 。.。:+

?+:。.。 There is Music so you can chill and Relax 。.。:+

?+:。.。 If you have any problem admins will fix it ASAP 。.。:+

?+:。.。 We have fun bots so you don't have to worry about anything 。.。:+

?+:。.you get to roleplay as whichever character you would like or can just chill and make friends。.。:+

?+:。.。 You can get your roles in the roles channel by only reacting! 。.。:+

?Our goal is to get as many members while still having a safe non-toxic server. We keep our server to have a Humble and Calm community.it would mean so much to me if you joined tysm

· · ─────── ·~· ─────── · ·

~ We give cookie to all new comers! Feel free to join and invite your friends

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