TFT Elo Boosting - Golden Lion Group


FREE TFT ELO BOOSTING Read the channel "limited-time-offer" for details!

The Golden Lion Elo Boosting Group was born from the collaboration between a group of four elo boosting experts from different games, all active in the sector for over three years with an experience of over 1000 completed total orders and with ladder results at the top of the respective rankings.

The group's plan is to open a series of servers in sequence, each one dedicated to the elo boosting service for a specific game, starting from the RIOT's titles.

In this regard, we have decided to launch as first the server dedicated to the game Teamfight Tactics as we have already built a solid working group capable of handling orders of all kinds.

Having said that, we welcome you and look forward to offering you the best possible service!

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