Rage Across the Bloodied Ground


A Werewolf: the Apocalypse (20th Anniversary Edition) chat/play-by-post game set in rural appalachia where the enemies are many, the allies few, and danger lurks behind every corner.

Welcome to Rage Across the Bluegrass! This is a Werewolf: the Apocalypse (20th Anniversary Edition) Game set across the Commonwealth of Kentucky at the End of Days. The Discord Server went live for players on August 1, 2020 using a Table Top setting that our staff has used several times in the past. In general, the game follows all of the events in the decades of setting material that has been produced over the years, keeping to the most recent printings to determine what the "setting" of the game is going to be. (The only exception to this is Rage Across Appalaichia, which for some reasons includes the mountains and plains of Tennessee, but none of Kentucky. That book is "canon" up until this Chronicle's History alters it.)

This game tells the story of the Bloodied Ground Protectorate and their centuries long war with the forces of the Wyrm through Appalaichia while dealing with the Rage politics of three fairly large Septs in close proximity to each other. It has been ten years since the last major offensive, and the leadership of the protectorate are starting to get worried that the next outbreak of open violence could arrive at any time. Rage politics are king with the Bloodied Ground Protectorate, where even the Children of Gaia have held the mantle of the Generals for the King.

A war is coming; against the Wyrm, against the Septs, against the Fera? Who the target is doesn't matter. Only one question matters. When will you rage?