Camp Half-blood


Welcome to Camp Half-blood I'm pleased to welcome you here. we use a manament system rather than just regular mods as I want this server to grow large We make use of several bots such as Unbelievaboat for economy, Tupper Box for roleplay

CAMP HALF-BLOOD Welcome to Camp Half-blood a safe haven for Demi-gods. Our server is a Roleplay server Based off of the Percy Jackson books. We are committed to the realism of these books and have implemented different ways to do that.

Random events / quests Once a week our staff team will launch an event or quest. Events can range from capture to flag to chairiot races and all in between. Quests are a little different while in an event all or most campers are allowed to join a quest is only allowed 3 members unless specified more

Rules All servers have rules so they aren't in chaos. A few here are follow TOS and No NSFW. We also limit the number of Big three kids (Zeus Posidon and Hades) so we don't have all one type of kid.

Tupper Box This bot allows you to create Bots for your Characters so if you have more that 1 character it's easier for people to know who you are

Giveaways Sometimes we will give away random items from the store or even priority quests to where the next quest we launch will be yours should you want it.

Unbelievaboat This is the bot we use for our IRP income and store. You'll use this to make money and buy items

Application Bot Want to apply for staff use this bot in our server to do it

Music Bot Come and play your favorite tones

Ticket tool We utilize this bot for general concerns or to submit your Original Characters that way we don't have channels filling up.

Self Roles We have roles that ping you so if you want to know when someone is Roleplaying or the next event or an announcement is give yourself that role

And much more and more to come

Come and join our server to have some fun and help us grow. As we get larger we'll add more things and change some stuff to make the server look better.