Welcome to ecstasy 歓喜, an 18+ server for all of your nsfw, kinky needs and desires, with a slick, vaporwave aesthetic to top it off. We have a description of every channel in the description at the top of the screen (beside the channel name), if ever you get lost, and a staff team willing to help out wherever you need.

What we offer:

> NSFW Chats

> A fresh, new, budding community for people both experienced and brand new to the bdsm community

> Friendly and non-toxic staff willing to help you out wherever you need

> A set of rules that allows for everybody to feel comfortable at all times, and a report system that can ensure no reports go ignored

> The room to grow and improve as a server, with suggestions and frequent events

What we ask from you:

> Be within our age range (which is, again, 18-30)

> Be respectful

> Don't be a creep to ANYBODY in the server, this will not be tolerated

You will also be REQUIRED to either have a profile picture already set or be able to set one as soon as you join.

> Enjoy yourself!

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