• Hey there!? Are you looking for a place to chill out and have fun with others that have common interests? Well here’s the place for you! - Chicken Nuggies?

• What can we offer? ➡️ Self-assigned roles ➡️ Music bots and VC chats to stream anime or gaming content, also chats to just talk ➡️ Channels to discuss gaming and anime as well ➡️ Entertaining bots like Dank memer, UnbelivaBoat, Uno, and more ➡️ Custom nuggie emotes in the making ➡️ Partnerships ➡️ Channels to share art, post memes, and host your own events ➡️ Level-up rewards

• Fun upcoming events for weebs, gamers, and even community events for anyone to participate in are coming fairly soon so join today and show us your support! We’ll be glad to have you apart of our community.

• Hiring staff as of right now such as advertiser (highly needed), and streamers (stream anime and/or gaming)!

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