Hello people welcome to Wonderland's a place for all animers and different type of people's interested to thrive at, and for people's dreams to be shared let me list some server fetures

Share your own servers channel for people to share your servers for other people to see

Share anything channel which you can share anything long as it's not allowed

Userphone so you can use the phone

Music bots for Music

Socials for Twitter Facebook Instagram etc, and any other Social Media

Art channel for your art which people might love

Off topic for things off the topic of what people are talking about

Staff forms for moderation

Vcs Pravite one's and afk ones for Pravite Conversations and sleeping -.-

Lots of emotes for you to use

Suggestions channel for you to suggest something to add to the server

Partnerships so you can partner with us

Reaction roles so when people click your name they will get more information about you

Leveling system

LGBT+ friendly

Thank you for looking at this ad I hope you join

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