TFD is a semi-literate, paragraph-style, casual TF2 roleplaying server geared towards Original Characters made for one of the nine classes (sorry, no comic canon mercs or Original Classes). We do require a test run before gaining access to the majority of the server as well as the RP channels.

What do we look for in your test run?

  • -Grammar (basic grammar at least)
  • -Length (3-5 paragraphs OR within one Discord message)
  • -Quality/Content (at least interesting writing)
  • -Characterization/Personality (can you keep your OC distinguishable from every other mary sue?)
  • -Ability to Follow a Format (we just wanna make sure you're able to keep to our accepted formats)

While the server IS for RPing, we also have plenty of room for our users to talk about other things as well as share whatever! Kind of literally 'whatever'. We also have a Spectator role for those who just want to read along to other roleplayer's RP(s) and a Hiatus role for those who are taking a break from RPing!

We hope to see you there, mercenaries. -TFD Moderation Team

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