Hello angels! ✨

Heavenly Heaven is a growing server that offers a diverse palette of purposes, either that you want to create a long lasting and meaningful sugar babe-sugar patent relationship, sell some of your services, buy some services or either you want to chat with awesome people all around the world and just have fun, you know? ?

We accept members within the age of 16, which will not be allowed only to sell SFW services. ?

Also, we provide a great anti-scam security for both sugar parents/buyers and sugar babes/sellers. ?

We have a lot of channels where you can have fun, post pictures of your pets, play with different bots, show your art to everyone in the community and more but nonetheless, we have voice chats, the fun part of every server.??

Hope to see you soon in the server so we can talk some more! ?


This server doesn’t have anything to do with god or ANY religion at all. We are a very accepting, open-minded, LGBT friendly, trans friendly etc. community :)

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