Ukiyo describes the urban lifestyle, especially the pleasure-seeking aspects, of the Edo-period in Japan. Or even a direct translation, which would be ₍₍...₎₎ ꒰ ❛ the floating world ❜ ꒱

Ukiyo is a server inspired by the Kanji word 浮世絵. We are a calm and vibe based server that is welcoming to everyone, inclusive of everyone's interests. There is no properly set theme which is why everyone is welcome! The purpose of the server is to make new friends and meet new people, to have a good time and relax. So come on, we're waiting for you!

What we offer:

  • friendly and calm community
  • self assignable roles
  • wide variety of colour roles
  • fun bots
  • fun activities
  • activities for kpop fans
  • a fun shop with Jenniebot
  • LGBTQ+ friendly and more!! — ➵ Invite: ➵ Banner:

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