Welcome to Coffee and College! This is a fun social server for anyone who is looking to attend university, or is already attending. Don't be shy to ask questions or seek advice! A lot of uni students are displaced right now due to the pandemic and even more students won't be able to go back to their campus. So come on in here and make some friends!

Don't really want to chat about school? That's fine! This server is not made solely to focus on just school. Make some new friends by chatting with people in the main chat! There's no pressure in this server to keep things "on-topic" simply because there is no topic thats "on"!

We have fun roles you can acquire and pending Giveaways/Game Nights/Watch Parties! There is absolutely no discrimination tolerated here.

For those who may be intimidated with joining big servers, give us a try! The server is very small and you'll really be heard instead of getting overwhelmed with the masses. We'd love to meet you!

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