Hi! We are a newly formed age 16+ community server that aims to provide a non-toxic and friendly hub for people looking to make new friends and/or gaming buddies! (Note: We are NOT a dating server.)

We offer the following:

  • Non-Toxic environment with friendly staff
  • Some of the best bots on Discord (We don't use the lazy & overpriced MEE6, Our modbot doesn't sell your data like Carl-bot nor is it offline like Dyno and our reaction role bot doesn't spam your DMs like YAGPDB)
  • Cutesie dragon emotes
  • Self-Roles to personalise your profile and show others what your interests are
  • Expertly crafted server-structure with plenty of channels and categories to unlock with each role
  • Nitro Boost Perks
  • Easy to follow rules and FAQs channels
  • Hilarious channel descriptions
  • Unlock perks for being social and active!
  • Security matters, so we have a custom ModMail bot for reports and enquiries
  • A place to vent if you're frustrated and need someone to listen and be there
  • Not one, but TWO Music Channels with 2 different versions of Zira Music (The best Music Bot on Discord). So you can jam with your friends, even when someone else is jammin' with their friends
  • We also want to start D&D and other events like Movie Night and Game Night

Hope to see you there, friends!

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