This is Rat Cat!

Looking for a supportive group of people that you can trust and be yourself around without any toxicity? Here in this SFW server, we try to make friends, have fun, and be supportive! We welcome people from all audiences and backgrounds to join, chat with us, play games, share interesting stories, and just enjoy yourself!

Free YouTube advertisements! If you send the link to your channel, any time you post a video, the link will be sent in our socials channel!

Anyone can pin a message! Simply react to a message you like with a star, and it can be posted in the pins channel!

Voteable suggestions! Got a suggestion? Simply use /suggest, and members of the server can vote on it in the suggestions channel!

Globalchat! A channel dedicated to a bot that allows you to chat with people from other servers!

Emotional support! We don't judge here; Whatever you need to get off your chest, you can here! We will try to help you as much as we can and support you in our vents channel!

Pokémon, Twitter, and RPG bots! We have lots of fun and interactive bots to play games, either by yourself or with other people! We have Taco Shack, Crafty, Robotop, Dank Memer, Fredboat, Mimu, NQN, OwO, PokéMeow, DiscordRPG, Tweetcord, and Yggdrasil!

Auto voice channels! Infinite voice channels! Whenever you need one, a voice channel is automatically created for you with an additional text channel, and both are deleted once everyone leaves the voice chat!

Exclusive roles and levelling system! The more you talk, the more you unlock! This includes various colour roles, exclusive roles that boost EXP, and certain text channels!

Join us!

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