Hi! Welcome to our unique server MAKE LEARNING FUN! :) I’ve created this server to help students all across the globe. We’d love to help you learn or memorise your lessons faster. These are some basic information about our server!

Have you heard about the Feynman technique Yes, you got it right, it’s a process where you study a concept and teach it to someone. It helps you identify the gaps in your understanding. We have that facility here, you may opt that via video calls or chat.

Besides the Feynman technique, this server provides: -Live study sessions (Different groups for cam study and no cam study) -Studied a chapter? Wanna test where you stand? No worries, send us the concept or study material and we’ll take a small oral test of you. -We can provide you with some practice sheets and ensure if you really completed those. -Add your to-do lists and complete em... for every day you complete your tasks, you get a point and some roles according to your points. -We don't focus on study hours i.e quantity study, instead, we support quality study. -About the Feynman technique- Join a duo, trio or group call, teach and learn from your partner(s), you may use the text channels as well. -Assign yourself some roles, it'll open special text channels for you.

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