A Very Special Server for Web Designers and Developers

This is a very special server. Unlike many other servers, this community is meant for anybody with an interest in web development. That means that you likely are somebody who is a web developer, web designer, a student in computer information technology or computer science, or even somebody wanting to get a website going. We all welcome you here. Be sure to let us know what projects you are working on so that we can help you as much as we can.

Check the Announcements Often Too

It is a very good idea to look at the #announcements channel before getting too far into participating with the server because we do a LOT of things here, and are always running something special like a weekly challenges, tutorial camps, or special events. Every week there is a weekly announcement and we use the everyone tag on those. When we have regular announcements for minor updates we will usually leave that tag out. However there will be times we decide to go ahead with a special event or need things from the community to get those events organized. We will use the everyone tag there as well.

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