Sensei Ethan's Dojo (Owned by @sensei.ethan who has 1.2 million likes on Tiktok)

Come join Sensei Ethan's Dojo, We're a Naruto themed server with many people who love anime however you don't need to like anime, we have a levelling system by chat activity which you can get ranks like Chunin, Jounin and S-Class Ninja just to name a few. Also our reaction roles are Naruto themed too! There are exclusive reaction roles for Boosters too. We have many emojis to choose from and wallpapers that you guys, the community, can request. We also have vent channels, support and a wholesome chat!

Our server's community speak English and is hosted in Europe.

Many of our members play games like CS:GO, Minecraft, Osu and many more! We Have a Minecraft Server which is currently an SMP server.

We are a welcoming community which strives to grow an even bigger community everyday. The server is updated when needed and the staff are active and help you and the server!

We have anime stream nights, movie nights and other events! Frequent nitro drops too! (at least 2 and a half years worth dropped so far!)

We have many bots like: Rythm, Rythm 2, Rythm 3, Groovy, Amari Bot, Dank Memer, D&D Bot, TupperBox and many more

When you join make sure you verify!

(We are looking for high quality staff, of course you wont get it right away)

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