This is Box! A server meant for systems to just hang out and chill with a place for singlets to interact and learn about/support systems too.

What we have so far:

  • Both Puralkit and System Time bots
  • LGBTQIA+ channel
  • Optional roles for pronouns, open DM status, system type (DID, OSDD1a, OSDD1b) and system member tally
  • Little safe space
  • A blacklist and uncensored chat for more carefree chatting (you will still be expected to censor things if Asked to)
  • Channels specific to certain types of alters and such (ie. introjects, new alters, memories, etc)
  • Questions channels about DID/OSDD-1 for both singlets and systems

Systems who are undiagnosed or questioning are welcome. Kin systems, endos and tulpas are Not welcome

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