You are formally invited to join Polipinion, a community welcoming of all ideologies. We aim to provide a space where people can share ideas and debate in a civil manner without a biased and sensitive staff looming over, ban hammer in hand. We’ll nuke the server ourselves if it becomes an echo chamber, that’s the poliguarantee. We organize a wide range of fun events and give you the opportunity to partake in the management of the server by being elected to the council. We offer :

  • 80+ roles
  • Casual channels for hobbies and nonpolitical topics
  • Ranks for activity
  • News Channel
  • QOTW
  • Memes, Fun Bots and Music
  • Movie nights
  • Weekly Trivia with special roles for the best players
  • A Council and a Senate - where members can be elected to make server decisions
  • 1v1 debates
  • Presidential Elections
  • Random VC language lessons

The server is in no way, shape or form, to be held accountable in case of the development of an addiction to Polipinion. In this case, please seek professional help.

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