This is a brand new server dedicated to getting you up to date on all things series that includes TV-shows(even the ones that have never actually been on TV) & Movies without exposing you to any possible spoilers, this will require huge precautions like not allowing members to speak in all chats.

Although any member who DMs spoilers will be banned; you can take it a step further and disable direct messages from server members so that trolls won't find you on the members list and spam you spoilers. Unfortunately there is a drawback; you won't be able to dm me for series info & voting.

For those of you who are willing to go that extra mile we made #series-alphabatical-index which you can search using the discord default server search bar, other than that and voting you will be able to view our sorted top ratings through the server channels.

All members will still have access to our top series lists.

If you didn't switch off Direct Messages you can vote & search for your favourite series by DMing me, @Series Reporter.


Our #1 rule is no DirectMessaging spoilers, as this may result in an immediate ban. 2. No advertising/public promotions in DMs

getting started

You can get roles from #service-roles to get the latest news on what your subscriptions have to offer. You can DM me +help for a list of commands and what you can do.

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