Welcome to LolFinity The biggest, best and safest place to buy League of Legends Accounts.

Our discord server is a LoL gaming hub for all your needs, whether it be support for your bought smurf, finding mates to play or boost accounts together and so much more.....

We have kind staff members who can help you with any questions or comments you have, so don’t be afraid to ask them! We also offer many things within our server, read below to know some amazing things we offer and remember that the server is always being improved!


Discord Server

➱ Weekly LoL Smurf Account Giveaway

➱ Contests to win RP, Accounts and much more

➱ Invite Rewards - Get Free LoL Smurfs for your friends who join

➱ A ticket support system to help you with anything!

➱ Channels to find other smurfers to climb the ladder

➱ All the amazing news on League of Legends

➱ And so much more


LolFinity Website

➱ Amazing League of Legends Smurf Accounts for All Servers

➱ Lifetime Warranty on All Accounts

➱ 24/7 Support Staff to help you with everything you needs

➱ Blue Essence / Capsule / Champ and Super Rare Accounts

➱ All Accounts are Ready for Ranked Games

➱ Unverified Accounts - simply assign your own email address

➱ Unranked Accounts - Never have played any Ranked Games in the past = totally fresh MMR

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