What's up everyone!!

Me and my friends have recently launched a server and we think that it will be fun for everyone as we have weekly gaming events!

And we also have specific channels for discussing and arguing about anime and conspiracies

You can also communicate with people through sending gifs since we have a channel for that (its my favorite)

In the pixel art channel you can place colors pixel by pixel eventually creating a painting

Bots: NQN- lets you send animated emojis even if you don't have nitro and lets you add emojis only using commands

Reef Raid- build your own island and upgrade it

Epic RPG- RPG game

Rhythm-Music bot

Poll Master-Creates polls so people can vote

We think that you should join this server because there are many creative ways to have fun here!!

Invite link- https://discord.gg/JbBZcVW

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