The WHIP The whip is a discord server that is really fun because of the bots it has and the events it hosts. Those bots are some of the following: Dank Memer (Economy System And memes), MEE6 (Level System), Yui (Economy System and Fun commands), etc. To see the rest of the bots you must join the server, we have 20+ fun bots you will enjoy playing with. This server like i said also hosts events and those events are: Team Text Challenges. (Everyone who reacts to a message in a timeline of 4 days will participate in the competion and everyone who reacted to that message then have a few days to send a total amount of messages to then unlock a special role that will be unlockable otherwise. We also host these Events but Solo. The next event they hose is: Simon Says. (Using a bot names: Says, We are able to host simon says that members join to play.

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