TITANHEIMR hosts game servers with richer experiences than the game typically has to offer. We share a love for bringing more depth to, in particular, dinosaur simulator games. We host a fantasy roleplay Path of Titans server to bring RPG to that MMO, and an in-depth realism roleplay Beasts of Bermuda server based off popular dinosaur docuseries. TITANHEIMR started with around 50 players whom were disappointed in the majority of most current, popular servers on The Isle and Beasts of Bermuda. Due to this founding rationale, we are especially attentive to our players’ concerns, feedback, and issues.

I will not throw labels like ‘family’ and other nonsense at you as other servers may to put up the front of being more genuine. Instead, I am personally pledging to make the best servers available to the best of my abilities. TITANHEIMR is strictly nonprofit, has checks and balances for all including staff, we have a flexible and branching punishment tree instead of a linear path, public infraction log (the reports and reporters are private to prevent harassment) to back up punishments, solid and concise rules, reasonably balanced gameplay, content-rich in-game experiences, a motions channel where you make motions instead of suggestions - which will pass so long as they do not betray our server ideals, aesthetic designs to the best of my abilities, and a support/staff team I maintain that may not engage in unprofessional and biased behavior seen and ignored in other servers. My server is, additionally, actually PG-13/ESRB-T/PEGI-12 with the exclusion of sexual references and innuendos other servers allow players to trade. Our language and violence ratings are otherwise true to those ratings. —Stoin

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