This server is for people that like Fortnite and its for my subscribers that just want to chat with me. In this server you can also 1v1 people. YourBoiiAli on YouTube if you would like to support me. I make fortnite synced montages.

If you can follow these rules you are welcome to join:

  1. You need to have been active for at least one day to post here! ( lying about it can result in a ban, don't recommend it! )

  2. No toxicity / racism. ( insta ban )

  3. Don't spam. ( results in warning )

  4. After 5 warnings you get banned. ( Don't recommend getting it! )

  5. When doing a 1v1 Be nice.

  6. Don't discriminate others! ( 3 warnings per discrimination! )

Please follow these rules to make the experience better for everyone!

If you're wondering heres the WARNING list, and results of getting them!

@Waring 1 : Nothing big maybe an accident. @Warning 2 : Losing respect in the community. @Warning 3 ( Kick ) : You will get kicked. @Warning 4 : We barely welcome you but you're still allowed. @Warning 5 (perm ban) : You will get banned, but it's really hard to get 3 warning's.

Have a great day.

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