This is the Shady Library, a place many people know about. On the outside it seems like a lovely library with a relaxing atmosphere and welcoming staff. Well it is... mostly.

It is known across the Pleasant Valley Hills to be a wonderfull library with, a ton would be an understatement, a bajillion number of books, suiting each type of reader from geography history to the style of pencil sharpening and bizarre fantasy.

But, when the place just started getting popular, criminals, harassers and stalkers started using the place to blend in, to follow their victims, to just read a god damn good book without the police running after them. This worked, but the criminals wanted more. They knew the police were after them and getting closer day by day and soon this wouldn't work out anymore, just sitting there in a chair pretending to read, then getting up at closing time and after that, killing. They started exploring the huge library, and as so they did, they found an entrance to the big attic. This was it, a place they could be themselves while still spying on the soon-to-be victims. The owner of the library turned out to be an ex- mafia boss, and liked the ideas. It is now '' The 2nd Side Of The Library'' where you gamble, hide bodies, street fight, do Russian Roulette and torture people, there are more things that are done in that place but i won't get into details.

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