FaCeLess Bot is a multi purpose bot that has many different features. The main features on the bot are the tools. It has a large variety of tools, including but not limited to,

-Weather -QR code generation -Reverse Geocoding -Base64 Encoding/Decoding -Phone Number Lookup -ICMP Ping -Advanced IP Lookup -Portscanning

It also has many different systems to help manage and monitor your server. These tools include

-Anti-Link System -Anti-Spam System -Captcha Server Verification -Ticket System -Warning System -Channel Lock/Unlock -Mute Commands

There are also a large amount of joke/fun commands on the bot to make your server more active and increase user interaction. These commands include

-Joke Hack Command -How Gay -Dick Size -8ball -Dice -Coin Flip -Google Search -Urban Dictionary Search

This bot has everything your server needs to function and for your members to have a good time.

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