Welcome to our beloved My Mistresses Castle community, gifting you a place you can really be yourself and explore your BDSM individuality.~ โค๏ธ

Respectfully, this community does not contain those that identify solely as male.

If you identify in the non-binary umbrella, as female, agender, genderfluid and gray areas, you are welcome here! This is not to disrespect men, this community is just void of them. Plurals are also welcome.

  • Friendly and kind-hearted community
  • Active VC's and Minecraft server
  • Fair, inclusive giveaways and events
  • A non-bias staff team with the community at heart
  • A trans throneroom, as deserved
  • Many kink and boundary roles, for optimal identity expression
  • Witchy, esoteric space โœจ
  • 18+ verification and heavily protected
  • Littles, furries, slaves, pets and Mistresses welcome! We don't discriminate against our magnificent Darklings
  • 25+ secret area for older members
  • Absolutely no discrimination or shaming allowed

Come enter our pristine walls and find home with us. Our community is 3 years strong and isn't going anywhere. โค๏ธ

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