The Chronicles of Wittiga

How we all got here is lost to history and will remain a mystery for as long as we exist. What we do know is that this place invites the strange, the dangerous, and the powerful. Adventurers have been washing up on the shores for centuries. They have shaped the very foundations of this world: built cities, acted as pawns for gods from various planes, and created artifacts that could unravel time itself. Though, many other more villainous entities have tried to spread their influence here and take this strange world for themselves. It is not known what came first: the town or the adventurers. What is known as that the town of Wittiga has always welcomed them, hired them, and worked with them to make their town better. The history of Wittiga has also been lost to time as Wittigans are too busy trying their best to survive each day, though rumors in town speak of tomes lost in the mountains, wilds, and oceans that hold secrets of Wittiga and its creation.

Alive with activity, Wittiga and it's surrounding world offer plenty of things to do:

Complete daily missions from a variety of unique guilds Craft anything from mundane to rare items with a variety of enchantments Hunt down monsters and enemies or buy them as sidekicks Go fishing, mining or hiking in various environments Live in the tavern or buy a home and work your way up to a castle Explore the world with sailing ships and airships Work jobs, start a business, and trade with the neighboring communities

Join us in this vast living world full of a wide variety of activities. From adventuring through quests and daily missions to settling down with a job and buying a home, there's something for every kind of playstyle. Your story is your own to tell here in Wittiga, as we allow players to run their own quests and make their own content under the approval of staff.

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