Welcome to the r/AnimeOver30 Discord channel! I created this space so anime/anime related fans that are in the older age range can have a place to chat, share and socialize with similar minds. A lot of anime spaces these days have a lot of kids and teens, making it difficult to connect due to the major age differences.

I would also like to mention there is currently no actual hard limit on the older age range, other than no one under adult age because that would honestly be too creepy, I've seen enough of older people trying to solicit minors on these platforms that I wouldn't feel comfortable with it in this group.

Plus I would really like this to mainly be a mature space where we can reminisce or have common ground with similar interests. Once you hit your late 20's I feel the difference in life experiences and personality become much more apparent.

Please be respectful to other members of the server, follow discord's Terms of service and enjoy!

I am still looking for help with setting up this community and getting the word out there so please feel free to let me know if you would like to help. I will add more to rules and welcome information as it is needed.

Please do not join to spam or send unsolicited DMs to other members. Also don’t hesitate to DM me if you have any problems! ^^

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