Welcome to Antarctic Gorillas!

This is a small server to hang out, make friends, and even date! We are very LGBTQIA+ friendly and have several LGBT people on the staff team :).

Come here to talk about your passions, VC with others, play numerous different games, debate about anything, and express yourself freely! We all wanna hear more about you.

We pride ourselves on being incredibly welcoming, loving, and accepting of anyone who wants to be apart of this little group. We really do hope you can find this place to be home, and feel safe interacting with everyone.

If you have any issues with anyone, the admin team will listen and try as hard as they can to sort them all out.

We have tons of different bots, activities, events, custom colors/pronouns/etc, and more to keep the community engaged!

Thanks for reading this and we hope to see you in our server! ♥

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