Cyanide Heights is a growing community for Furries and Non-Furries alike. We envision a safer, enjoyable, and comfortable place for everyone!

We have:

1.) Security and safety - a strong verification system to filter out the raiders and self-bots away, and a special offline support system designed to contact us, one way or another!

2.) Creative areas - showcase your talents in making art, music, stories, pictures, and many more!

3.) Gaming channels - Cyanide Heights has a gaming corner for everyone to share the games they play, team up in multiplayer games, or even a 1v1 match!

4.) Roleplay corners - Customize your character, and visit many different worlds fellow role-players come in and explore!

5.) Events, Giveaways, and Bots - Come and interact with our events that will surely get you to participate, as well as many of the discord bot's services we can offer to you!

6.) A very active community and staff team - We are very approachable and will always be here with you!

And many more in the future!

For other information about the server (or pictures if you like!), feel free to visit the official site:

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