Welcome to the Kingdom of the Best Free Games!

Our fortress will protect the hidden jewels and refined cream of the crop games by segregating and adding products chosen by our community!

Our motto is and always will be: From gamers to gamers!

Let us help you find what you're looking for! While you can help lead us towards what to look for!

We value your time!

And we know you that you're looking for some cool free games, but they are just too hard to find... Industry giants have completely overtaken the play store with some cash grab games overflown with ads and, most of the time, pay to win/play content!

We're here to change that!

Let us SEARCH for YOU!

We use a community approach for searching to find the best free to play games that you can enjoy!

Not only that but we'll be UPDATING the app EVERY WEEK featuring new high quality, lesser known, FREE TO PLAY games for everyone to ENJOY!

Choose from the most popular Genres and Topics:

? New

? Any

? Casual

? Puzzle

✨ Arcade

? Action

? Racing

♟ Strategy

⛺ Adventure

✅ We are currently featuring Free To Play games on google play store and some games on steam.


We have something interesting for you!

Gone are the days of publishers taking away 70% to 90% cut of your hard work!

Compete on weekly basis with other small teams/solo developers to be featured in our app for absolutely free!

The best thing is you get to keep all your revenue and we'll take care of the marketing: A pure win-win situation!

We'd only ask you to share our app with your friends because that's the quickest way for new apps to get noticed and in return new people will see your app as well!

Let's Join hands and bring the tyranny to the END!

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