WELCOME TO INFLICTED HORRORS. a literate, horror inspired rp server with fun, optional monthly events and plot drops!! you can join as your favorite canon character(s), or an original character of your own creation! if you'd rather just jump straight into finding a partner for 1x1 rp, we have plenty of room for that as well. creative freedom is highly encouraged in this server, and you're not required to use a canon character originating from horror media as long as you can fit the character into a horror setting.

♥ 18+ only. mature members and dark plot-lines to be explored. ? literate / semi literate: para, multi-para and novella. however, there are ic chatrooms you can participate in that require less effort and are more fun / crack based. ♥ flexible activity: we understand that real life takes priority, and pressuring others for replies is highly discouraged. activity will mainly be enforced if you're taking part in a thread, where replies are expected to be posted within a week after it's become your turn. ? anthology plots: each month will feature a new event for characters to take part in. if your character happens to die during the plot for one month, they can always participate in the new plot the next month! ♥ member opinion highly respected. if you have any ideas for future plots, you may get a special role in that plot.. ? active moderation: comfort is of the utmost importance to the admins. ♥ brand new! so, very few amount of characters are taken. ? start off with 3 characters and be allowed more the more active you are using mee6's level bot feature. ♥ gate-check and literacy check to prevent spam, trolling, etc. ? mod positions available! ask the admins for more info.

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